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The 1st official picture of the “super big” Genesis based Hyundai sedan.

It doesn’t look much worse than a Lexus LS, really.
Most of these big sedans are not interesting to look at anyway. So this fits the bill.

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  1. The sideview and back look surprisingly pretty much like the Buick LaCrosse? So who of both was the one with the “copy-and-paste”???

  2. For a Big Car this is stunning nice lines and style….however for the Genesis line Hyundai needs a signature grille. I have only been on BurlappCars for a while….why does it always seem like there is a bashing of Big cars. I think the Lexus LS is a nice ride. And so is this.

    While everybody is on this small car kick give me a big car that has a big backseat, so that it I want to have a quickie with a Hot chick I can use the car…let’s harken back to the days of old when back seats were rockin! LOL

  3. Not bad looking at all. I could do without the hood ornament though. I like the Genesis better. That D.I.5.0l V8 should be a pretty awesome engine when it comes out. I’m not sure but I think I heard it’s going to have cylinder deactivation.

  4. Seeing this on top of the new E-Class below it, I say screw Benz. Hyundai is rockin!

    This also looks better than a 7 series but not quite as sleek as an A8, but still nice.

    And sorry Vince – this rips the LS to shreds.

  5. I do not care whether it has stylistic borrowings from other car makers. This car looks really really good. Period.

  6. Enough with the “Buick Sideswipe” talk. First of all, there has been ONE Buick with that same character line, and it isn’t even on sale yet.

    Second, these cars take years to develop. Just because this is a Hyundai doesn’t necessarily mean they copied Buick. This is evidently something that has been in the works for a long time.

  7. Actually that Buick sideswipe is a carryover from classic Buick Rivieras from the late 60s and early 70s.

    Am sure others have done it too.

  8. This is invisible and bland like an Avalon. The Lacrosse is prettier and more distinguished. It doesn’t look “much worse” than an LS. But it sure is generic.

  9. This car is pathetic and i don’t see why so many people praise its design: it is a complete rip-off of Mercedes, Lexus and Buick elements from every single angle.

  10. “it is a complete rip-off of Mercedes, Lexus and Buick elements from every single angle.”

    As if Mercedes, Lexus and Buick don’t rip off design cues from each other.

  11. “As if Mercedes, Lexus and Buick don’t rip off design cues from each other.”

    Mercedes Lexus and Buick do rip each other off here and there. But Kia uses tracing paper. And somehow it never looks as good.

  12. The front looks like an attempted rip-off of a MB S-Class. The aft looks like a rip-off of the Toyota Avalon. The two mixed together-hmm, that is quite a bad design. This is of course my opinion.

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