All new Mercedes E Class Coupe

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Finally the real thing. After years of spy shots…

I think it looks much better and classier than the sedan. Even though most of the lines are similar.
It’s just too bad about that blocky interior. It just doesn’t fit the rest of the car.

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  1. it needs more curve-appeal on the interior. right now, it looks like it belongs in a glk and not in a more expensive e-class.

  2. The proportions of the exterior bother me. The doors look too small compared to the greenhouse. The interior isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but that’s not saying much because I pretty much expected it to be an abortion. This isn’t an abortion, but this child was born with some kind of deformity…

  3. That IP is more appropriate for an AMC Hornet. It’s just hideous. It’s neither dynamic, inviting.. It’s just bad.

  4. Go look at many of the interiors for both MB and BMW, these interiors all have that stark, squared off look represented in this picture. For some reason this is considered upscale in Europe, where the U.S. and Japan lean toward the swoopy,archy look.

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