All new Nissan 370 Z Roadster

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Looks like a similar recipe.
They didn’t try to go for a sleeker look.
Just like the current one, it’s almost old fashioned its awkwardness…

But just like the current one, I bet it looks great with the top down.

I will report on the new Z in a few weeks.

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  1. I hate it when companies take a beautiful car and chop it up just to make the top go down. I hate convertibles.

  2. Nissan did a pretty good job redesigngning the Z. I may just take one of them for a test drive one day!

  3. Hey Vic, no they do not. Matter of Fact, toyota and Honda haven’t built a car of the Z’s caliber in years, honda never has. Nissan is and always has been the gold standard in performance , quality automobiles. Love the Nissans.

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