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We won’t get it.
We don’t get the Verso.
It is based on the European version of the Corolla, the Auris hatchback.

As you can see here, the Verso is NOT a Matrix or even a Vibe.
It has it’s own design.

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  1. maybe im just pessimistic towards toyota products, but i personally would have rather seen the verso sold here as the matrix instead of that monstrosity that tries to look sporty but isnt. the matrix was built to be an alternative to the hatchback AND the suv, and the verso would have fit that mold nicely.

  2. “Another styling heap of shit from Toyota and they’ll sell every one of them.”

    February 24, 2009 1:23 PM

    Well they mustn’t be such a styling heap of s**t after all then.

  3. Yes… we should of had the Verso here instead of the current Matrix. Much better styling even if it may be in a different class. The Vibe.. what happened there? Too bad, the last model was much better looking than the current model.

  4. Re: “Well they mustn’t be such a styling heap of s**t after all then.”

    It’s because the average consumer buys cars on reputation and initial visual impact. This car is NOT well designed.

  5. Matrix and Vibe look like they forgot to remove the camouflage before molding the panels for production!! Verso is tasteless mash of trendy design elements.

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