All new VW Polo

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Revealed early by one of the posters outside the Geneva auto show.
It’s kind of funny…

We are supposed to finally get the Polo in the US. So this is the new sub-Rabbit VW model for us as well.
Competing in a new segment for VW. One they should never have left in the first place: the small affordable car.

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  1. Good scoop!
    But the car itself is another disappointing piece of design again. Totally forgettable.

  2. Affordable VW? How do you do that with German Unions paying almost as much as American Unions??? The only cars more expensive will be those built by the UAW!

  3. “Anonymous said…

    Affordable VW? Somehow I’ll bet VW will manage to get a loaded Polo over the $20K mark.”


    The cheapest Polo will probably fall about $1,000 below the Rabbit, making it too expensive.

    VW has lost touch with reality.

  4. I’d MUCH rather have the new Fiesta.

    It looks better, it will certainly drive better, it will be cheaper, and it will without a doubt be more reliabile.

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