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Whatever its name ends up being, the new small Chery car from China has got to be the most cartoonish design on the road. Anywhere.

It makes the New Beetle and Mini Cooper look like Crown Victorias.

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  1. I don’t think the Beetle and the Mini are meant to look cartoonish. They were serious attempts at retro design. This, on the other hand, looks literally like it was drawn by a child, or as if it was intended to be a toy for a child. I don’t find it attractive at all, just weird and clunky. The interior, however, is considerably better. It maintains the playful attitude but it is designed with the proper attention to proportions and form.

  2. AHHH, you are going the wrong way!!!!

    the back looks just like a front except for the red indicators.

    will this one be a death trap too??

  3. is it a floaty car like that amphibious car that leaked ? Apparantly, they used a red rubber ducky as their design goal.

  4. Wow…this makes anything out there looks serious. I don’t think it’s bad looking….I know the color sown here doesn’t help.

  5. Hahahaha. A joke on wheels. Very funny.
    I couldnt even imagine anyone who would be remotely interested in wanting to buy this abomination.

  6. Weird for its own sake. The Japanese also have quite a history of weird designs for the home market. Over time what seemed weird became merely quirky as the style became a defining characteristic of the Japanese home market (Nissan Pao, Mitsubishi Lettuce etc.). Same thing could happen with China.

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