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At least from this, it looks like some people at GM are not ready to kill the Sky yet.
Good news.
I don’t care who sells it, I just hope the Sky finds a home after GM kills Saturn.
It would indeed make a great Chevrolet.
Pontiac already has the Solstice, and I really don’t see this as a Buick….

Let’s hope this is true.

Thanks to a reader for this.

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  1. As a spokesman for GM, I can tell you GM has product through their current cycle for Saturn … and where they go after that is up to them. We aren’t “killing” Saturn. The dealers are working with us to see what we can do, and that might include a spin-off where they source future product after that currently available from other manufacturers. Like you, I love the Sky!

    –John McDonald
    Detroit, MI

  2. While I agree that I don’t want the Sky to go away, going by the spanish at the bottom of that pic maybe the Sky is offered somewhere currently as a Chevy and this is is just a brochure pic.

    Couldn’t find it on the Chevy sites for Spain, Mexico, or Argentina, but you never know.

  3. This is a sexy little number. It has exotic car style and turns heads like no Miata has in twenty years. It needs a bigger trunk and a less convoluted roof. But otherwise, it’s pretty amazing. It should stick around and evolve for many more generations, for sure. Like the Corvette, can we just not put the bowtie logo on it? It looks clunky and just doesn’t work here.

  4. Scuse me, while I kiss the Sky…


    Phone it in, Lutz. Make it happen.

  5. As long as the Sky has been out now, even if it were to move to Chevy, the only “refreshening” would be the addition of the Bow Tie badge and a deletion of the chrome strip between the fog lights and turn signals? What’s funny is that now the front end looks more like an Impala…even though the change is extremely miniscule.

  6. Isn’t the Sky marketed as an Opel in Europe?

    When I was at the DC auto show, I asked the reps there and they said Saturn has three more years to go.

  7. For the love of GAWD…PLEASE don’t glue a corny looking, outdated gold bowtie on the front of this car. Chevy PLEASE nix the gold bowtie!!! Ugh!!!!

  8. With some minor modifications this could make a great Allante HAHA, but possibly…. it could actually bring the name some substance and i’m sure that a v6 could fit in under the hood… chevy doesnt need this as a mainstream brand and cadillac could charge more

  9. There is an aftermarket supplier/customizer that puts smallblock v8’s into the Solstice for clients, but OHV motors tend to be somewhat compact. I do not know if a DOHC V6 would fit as well…ANYTHING can be made to fit any car, but you may not always like the end result.

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