Citroen “DS3 Inside” Concept

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This is pretty much the car that will be sold in Europe next year.

So that is what the new DS is about. Just a name for fancy versions of their cars.
This DS3 model is based on the upcoming redesigned C3. And it doesn’t look like a DS at all.

Maybe the C5 based DS5 will be a bit closer to the legend.

I’m not sure I understand why this is called DS3 and not C3 Coupe…

Just another weird/lame idea from the marketing department, I guess….

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  1. After looking at it for a while-I have to disagree with you. I think that Citroën gets that the DS isn’t about being retro-it’s about being avantgarde with some cues from the original DS (Headlights, roof,
    rear section. It’s Classy and I think that it could work. Citroën is capable of some amazing cars, but I think they don’t get the respect they deserve because they also sell lower end cars and in the UK at least they’re seen as a budget brand. So, by launching the “DS”sub-brand, Citroen can go head to head with other stylish sub-compacts as the Mini, Alfa MiTo, etc… I really hope it-s a success,
    I wonder what the interior looks like!

  2. even tho I *love* this car and would take it over any Mini even at the same price (or a bit more!);
    I hope the DS models go a bit further “into the future” with their styling…
    …this is just a bit “too normal”

  3. They should have made a lux sub-brand instead of havign it under the Citroen name…this seems like their version of Lexus….with still using the “Toyota” name…although Japan themselves just started doing this for their own country.

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