Fiat 500 Convertible

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Sure it’s cute.
But is it really a convertible?
More like a “super extended sunroof” to me.
But I guess it does give it the ultimate retro look.

On related news, it seems that if the deal between Chrysler and Fiat goes through,we might see the small 500 in the US as soon as next year.
I’ve heard this before, about 500 times….

Let’s hope this time it’s true.

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  1. Douche,

    “chryllser” is in the toilet. They are not “fine.” The only product they have that is midly competetive is the Dodge Ram. The Jeep brand is suffering from falling SUV sales, and the minivans just suck compared to the Japanese counterparts. The 300 is getting old, the Sebring/Avenger is just abysmal, the Caliber is of a very low caliber, and the Challenger is a niche car.

    “chryllser” is severly handicapped.

  2. I’d say since the euro is more reasonable now and the european car market has taken a dump Fiat will probably look to export some of these (hardtop and conv) here to pick up some slack on the production floor and also whet the american appetites for when more can be produced at home. Add to that Chrysler is desperate for some form of exciting product tagged to their name and the chance of this coming in 2010 are pretty high (as in about 70%).

  3. Back in the day when VW Bugs came with a large cloth roof like this, they were referred to as “Rag Tops” as opposed to a full “convertible”.

    Still seems appropriate to me. I like this little car a lot and would love to see it for sale here if only to add an additional small car option to the fix that isn’t Asian or a Ford Fiesta. (Nothing wrong with either, but variety is the spice of life, no?)

  4. I have seen the regular version in Italy and it is really a fun looking car. I like this soft top a lot better than the Mini convertible, but I wonder what kind of visibility you have out the back with the top down. Fiat’s reliability is supposed to be much better than the last time they were imported to the U.S.
    I will definitely consider one when they get here.

  5. Chrysler will not survive selling small cars. The UAW gangbangers have literally sucked the life out of them.

  6. This car works. It will sell very well for Chrysler. Most of the sales will come at the expense of Mini.

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