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The little Euro Ford commercial van is supposed to make it into the US sometime this year. Or the next.
but not before it gets a few revisions. Mainly a new front end and interior, as seen on these pictures.

This is the current version.
the one we won’t get…

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  1. looks funny…but the dash of the new version looks nice. in fact, the dash of the new version looks like it has a few Mazda bits.

  2. I sat in one at the Seattle Auto Show, and find it is just as big as my Dodge Caravan, and not nearly as comfortable.

  3. These used to have a certain stigma about them.
    They were called a Transit because they were always in transit to a workshop or garage.

  4. actually…
    this is the vehicle that’s going to usurp the xB, Cube, etc
    has a good chance of becoming as popular as hippy-vans once were!

    just hope Ford realizes this and is ready for it

  5. As a letter carrier for the USPS, I wish Ford would import the right hand drive transit put the hybrid system from the escape and sell this to the post office. I saw the concept when it came to florida last year and it has an awsome shelving system that can be very helpful to us. It would be awesome.

  6. Lots of stupid comments as always from non-Ford fans. This is a SMALL, BUDGET DELIVERY VAN! What did you guys expect? People complaining about size/comfort should just let it go, if you are too big to fit in one of these they what you need is a DIET

  7. perfect for european streets. small and tidy.

    might not be practical over here because tradesmen needs big van to carry their stuff. chevy express, dodge sprinter etc.

    as for the usps mailmen, don’t you guys already have the rhd jeep wrangler in four door guise now? 4×4 too.

  8. LOL thanks Georgios, “This is a SMALL, BUDGET DELIVERY VAN!” I often wonder about the morons that post on this site.

    “might not be practical over here because tradesmen needs big van to carry their stuff. chevy express, dodge sprinter etc.” Do you guys not get it? Have you read the front page of any business section? Times have changed guys….The era of BIG is over. Say good bye to the express and sprinter…hell say good bye to chevy and dodge for that matter.
    Ford is going to have the last laugh on this one. This van is a good idea.

  9. Mailman here, not everywhere uses the jeep wrangler, we have the rhdrive LLV’s and left hand vans, dodge caravans
    Some places uses the jeeps but in most places, we have LLV’s Long Life Vehicles.

  10. MikeGADawg:
    This van is made for a purpose and not for every man drive. Yes, time for big SUVs is over but ONLY for personal use.
    Real business still need big vehicle to transport their stuff and they have lots of stuff to transport.
    Have you seen one? it is like a big version of a scion xb. taller and shorter than a Flex.

  11. Agree. most business won’t use the transit unless it grows when crossing the pond 🙂

    we have chevy hhr panel van and dodge caravan panel van here too and i just don’t see many of them. sighting of them is as rare as finding a ferrari.

    there are plenty of sprinter, express and ford e-series vans however.

    curiously about another poster said llv vehicles? what are long-life vehicles (brand? ect)

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