Hyundai Equus Interior

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Looks expensive.
And conservative.

That’s what the Equus has always been.

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  1. Looks better than the interior of the Genesis, any Mercedes, all the new Bimmers and Audis, and any Lexus or Acura.

    Not bad.

  2. From the drawing, I think it resembles the 2010 Subaru Legacy interior.

    I am sure the production version, when detailed, will have more “lux-y” details. But Audi and Volvo win the day, followed by Cadillac. A close fourth is BMW and then Lexus…then Acura. Then Hyundai, Lincoln, Buick…notice I didn’t mention the new Mercedes interiors, which I wouldn’t give two pennies for.

  3. No the USA aint getting this and yes its rwd chassis built on a stretched genisis platform, and real pics of the interior are on the web and it looks exactly like the drawings…

  4. no onw wants a big fat heavy expensive hyundai for big money. they would much rather buy a strong, sleek , svelte, stealth, sexhole of an infiniti.

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