Hyunday HED-6 Concept

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Seems like a cross between a Ford Kuga and a Nissan Murano.

Let’s hope they keep most of it when this becomes the next Tucson.

Hyundai has a pretty bad track record about that. Showing off really good concept and watering them down for production…

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  1. Let’s also hope that the rear seat isn’t to claustrophobic, what with those tiny windows; and also, that rear visibility isn’t Nissan Rogue-bad.

  2. Thats the same one from that illustrated picture quite a few posts back.
    definately was inspired by nissan.

  3. Vince, It will be smaller in size than the current Tucson and unfortunately resemble the current Santa Fe more closely. The front end will also be toned down quite a bit from this nice looking concept. Too bad!

  4. Hey – if Ford brought Kuga here – then it wouldn’t be a concern. However that hasn’t happened yet….we get the Escape.

  5. I agree. Nice looking Ford there. Just wish Ford would decide that theres room one 1/2 the size of the Edge with 2x the bling and sport value. Glass roof and all. No, the Escape doesnt qualify.

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