Kia Number 3 Concept

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This looks really nice.
And much more European than any Japanese designs. Kia seems to be really serious about the European market.

I hear the production model won’t be that different. Except trims and of course, the roof.

I just hope they can find it in their heart to bring this over here too. Competing her with the Fiesta.

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  1. looks good because they took ford-europe and citroen design cues and voil√°! REALLY interesting, nonetheless. in europe this would be right on par with the strongest competitors, with the advantage of the warranty and cheaper prices.

  2. Some of you guys are really something…

    I really like the design! I think it would do well in America! Much better than the Yaris, Versa, and even the Accent. Maybe the Accent hatch isn’t so bad. But this is still much better looking!

  3. Designed by a former VW designer therefore the Euro styling. Looks nice – should be sold in the U.S.
    They have also released sketches of the upcoming Sorento redesign. Done by a former Audi designer and it too looks more Euro than Korean. Way to go Kia! With this car, the Soul, the Forte and the new Sorento things will be happening for them in 2009 and 2010.

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