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The Yulon car company from Taiwan has decided to come up with their own brand. After building cars for Nissan since 1953.
The new van will be powered by a 2.2 Liter Turbo .

That doesn’t sound too bad. And it looks really modern.
Actually much more so than most minivans we have here in the US.
The interior looks much more 21st century than anything Chrysler has done in that segment.

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  1. So that’s what the Hyundai Elantra Touring i30 CW would look like if it were blown up like a balloon.

  2. they should have kept the Yulon name, short and simple, and stand out from everything else.

    btw it’s luxgen, not lexgen, either way it sounds like a pathetic attempt to emulate lexus.

    but other than the name/logo, this car actually looks pretty descent and original for a first attempt of a brand new company, actually assuming nothing gets changed, this thing is already years ahead of lots of vans offered in north america

  3. "More modern than ANYTHING Chrysler has done"??? Really??? It has a nice interior– but definitely in a 1970's New Yorker kind of way. And whats with putting a Sienna grill on top of a Town & Country grill??? I don't think they're going to set the world on fire with this one.

  4. quote, “…either way it sounds like a pathetic attempt to emulate lexus.”

    that’s my favorite part!!!

  5. I don’t think they’re going to set the world on fire with this one.

    It’s probably not their intent anyway.

  6. This is beautiful, and represents the future in the industry. Clean , modern, affordable, well built ( history building Nissans), efficient. ….done deal. This company here is showing us why GM , Chrysler and Ford have failed miserably. They have nothing like this.

  7. I would imagine it’d be smaller than what we expect a minivan should be; more inline with the mazda5 size?

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