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With a 2.3 Liter Turbo.

We’ll know more really soon…

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  1. That grill insert in combination with the nostril works wonders for the front of this. Might end up with one afterall

  2. Ford has done a disservice to Mazda. I sat recently inside the new 3 and felt so cheap. It looks good from the outside and gives you a sense of solidity, but….

  3. 2.3? They did’nt DI the 2.5? That grill does look a bit better. I think if I was to get one ( a non mazdaspeed version) I might wanna transplant the speed grill for the regular grill.

  4. What makes you think that is Fords fault? Mazda was in the dumps before Ford took over but you will never acknowledge that.

  5. The one thing Mazda had going for it was styling. With this front grill looking like a grinning fish, I am doubting that assessment now.

  6. This car is hoooot and will be a hoot to drive. Nissan is bringing a Renault variant here to compete. Look up Renault Megane. Very Similar. Vince do a side by side picture comparo would you please.

  7. I hate the front end. It really does look like a clown car. I couldn’t take MYSELF seriously if I drove such a ridiculous looking vehicle.

    No thanks.

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