Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart review coming up.

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Go ahead if you want your best friend Vince Burlapp to answer any questions about it.

I am driving it for a week.

So far… Pretty amazing an many ways.

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  1. I sat in one last week and it just “felt right” to me. Am planning going to look at this when my current lease runs out this Fall, so I look forward to your observations! I’m concerned about: handling, mpg, and seating comfort. Does your have the Recaros?

  2. how much is a cpeoice of crap like this one/ i bet you can get a good old american v8 for ess money smalle engines are for small countrys

  3. My girlfriend made the mistake of buying a 2004 Lancer. It didn’t make it past 110,000 miles and she was RELIGIOUSLY following the maintenance schedule.

    It really started to shxt the bed after about 90,000 miles and things got progressively worse from there.

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