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The next “Big Jag” is supposed to be more like one of these ‘4 door coupe” than a regular looking sedan.
So it might end up looking pretty similar to the new Aston Martin sedan.
No matter what, I am pretty sure it will look really nice.

Thanks to a reader for this.

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  1. Too little, too late. Jaguar missed it’s shot at becoming a bigger volume brand. Now I think the company is doomed, sadly.

  2. Looks fantastic, but, as 9:11 said, Jaguar should have made this move years ago. The question is, can Jaguar survive now in the hands of a debt-ridden Tata Group?

  3. “Too little, too late. Jaguar missed it’s shot at becoming a bigger volume brand. Now I think the company is doomed, sadly.”

    What is this guy talking about? Seriously, Jaguar best days are ahead of them… that they have broke out of the traditional styling they are free to design some beautiful cars. I guarantee the New XJ will make the luxury car segment take notice.

    The XF was the first step, I see several driving around Florida and Georgia and they are selling well a midst this economy. Plus the next XJ won’t have any FORD components, nor will it have any of TATA’s it will be a pure Jaguar the way it should have always been.

    I see Jaguar expanding its brand to the XF Sedan, XF Coupe, XE Roadster/Coupe, XK Coupe, XJ Sedan. Jags new line-up is just the infusion it needs to truly compete with BMW, Lexus, and MB.

  4. Wow….the Classic XJ look is gone forever after being around for 2+ decades! Sadly, I’m going to miss it!

  5. I’m with the naysayers. Jaguar lost their chance during the Ford years. That was the time they should have been building a new identity with nods to tradition but looking forward. Not only did they stick with the XJ6/12 theme too long, they failed to substantially better the original. Retro-ing the S type was just plain silly, and the X Type was cheap and cynical Ford management nonsense (The XJ look is not open to shrinking). This new car (beautiful though it seems) would be a last ditch effort even without a global financial collapse. As things are now, they will be lucky to see out 2010.

  6. That’s a 4 door XK, not the next XJ.Jaguars rival for the Rapide/Panamerica thingy as shown to Mr.Tata back in Feb ’08

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