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Another good looking compact. That was supposed to become our new Saturn Astra.

Now they claim “everything is on the table” for Saturn.
Including selling it. Which is impossible and they know it. Nobody will buy a brand that depends 100% on other GM cars.
That’s why they’re trying to make Saab “more independent”.

We’ll know more next week when the suits go back to DC, but I’m afraid it will mean the end of the road for Saturn.

I just wonder if the new Astra will end up in the US. As a Pontiac? Or a small Buick???

What do you think?

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  1. none of GM's "parts" are independent anymore — that's why I don't consider any of them to be 'Brands', just 'Nameplates'.

    If they'd just fix the lineups, eliminate needless duplicates, & roll Saturn into BPGmc to handle small vehicles that are nicer than Scion & the others; there's no reason the Saturn Name couldn't be more successful than ever before.

  2. Vince, I have an interestimg bit of information to share with you. GM plans on using these new Opel platforms over at Buick and possibly Pontiac dealerships in North America to help out with raising EPA figures(MPG)across the board. This is a BIG part of their plan to get Government relief bailout money for the company.

  3. Wow, this new Opel Astra looks beautiful! It’s a shame that GM has to give up on Saturn. Maybe GM could salvage Pontiac by using it as the U.S. outlet for all of Opel’s products. Buick could sell Opels in China and Holdens in the U.S.

  4. I think that our Astra from Poland (Gliwice) could sell in U.S.A. as a Buick. There are many reasons why, one is that imported cars from Europe are not cheap, so Buick Astra could have high price, as a premium compact

  5. Just you wait dj….just you wait.

    What do you think about your “American” company selling the Astra and the Vibe (aka Toyota Matrix)?

    I think this would work better as a small buick because the premium price would finally make sense! Pontiac already has the Vibe so that’s a no go.

  6. This should have been the next Pontiac Vibe. Similar, yet much better looking than the current version.

    Yeah, I know the Vibe is a Toyota-Nummi thing, but this vehicle needs to have a home somewhere in GM’s US lineup. They don’t have ANY elegant looking small cars like this in their current lineup here, and I would actually give this one a good long look.

  7. Maybe a Pontiac…Not a Buick.
    Hatchbacks dont sell in the US…The current Astra cant manage 1000 per month.

  8. How about as a small SAAB to compete with Audi A3, BMW 1-series, Mercedes A / B-class and Volvo C30?

  9. went to the washington dc autoshow and talked to a saturn rep. he said saturn got 3 more years contract so they are not going anywhere yet.

  10. The Pontiac Vibe only came out with the new model last year.
    It will be another approx 4 years until the next model.
    So i dont think this will be the new vibe.

  11. After the current generation of the Vibe runs its course, GM should utilize their arrangment with Toyota through NUMMI to build a trio of compact products (sedan, coupe, and tall wagon) on the next gen Corolla/Matrix platform for Saturn. The new Saturn products would have Toyota underpinnings, but they would have unique exterior/interior designs created by GM. This would allow GM to return the brand back to something closer to its original state as well as give GM another outlet to sell small fuel efficient vehicles to help the corporation meet more demanding future CAFE standards.

    As far as the Astra hatchback, it would make a nice Pontiac (Tempest) or Buick (Skyhawk). Since Pontiac will probably never get a RWD affordable performance lineup, I would like to see GM give the brand the next gen Corsa/Astra hatchbacks (3-door and 5-door) in order to position the brand as an entry premium sub-brand in B-P-G. I think the hatchback bodystyle would probably be more appropriate for Pontiac than Buick. Buick would still get Opel’s sedans, wagons, and MPVs (current Insignia, next gen Astra/Meriva/Zafira) to expand and complete its lineup.

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