Nissan NV200 Production version

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As you guessed it, the one on top is the production version of the 2007 concept (bellow) .
This will be mostly for the European market, competing with commercial vans from almost every local manufacturers over there.
But Nissan has mentioned before their intentions to sell commercial vehicles in the US as well.
So maybe a version of this will end up over here. sometime…

Even if you give it bigger and better looking wheels, this is a drastic toned down version of the concept….

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  1. Not Maybe, This and a Larger van and a pickup will all be sold both here and in Canada, soooon! Why didn’t you just ask the King???

  2. I knew NISSAN’s long streak of well-designed works of art would end someday. Is He!! frozen over?

  3. pretty ugly, but good looking verses other commercial vehicles. Nissan Altima, Maxima, Zcar, Sentra ser, etc…. all pretty

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