Nissan NV200 Production version

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As you can see, this will be available in both passenger and cargo version.
At fist, it seemed larger than the Ford Transit Connect we’re getting over here soon.
But they mention a 1.6 Liter engine with 106hp!
So it can’t be that big…

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  1. Are you sure this isnt just a rebadged renault.
    Nissan and Renault are so in bed together it wouldnt be surprising.

  2. All the european vans are styled this way. They are built for practicality. Hence why they are so boxy.
    If you want a hot looking delivery van you would probably lose half the cargo and storage space.
    Even though i agree this is rather

  3. Yes it really is me, these jackasses have been working on these commercial vehicles for a loooong time. Quelle Disastro! What a Fu#$@#n mess! I am losing faith fast . Needless to say, I wasn’t involved in this project.

  4. This will do well in the european market.
    Its just that the US isn’t used to these type of vehicles.
    The same with small cars really.

  5. I’m very surprised at the comments here about Renault design, because to me, the current Renault Trafic/Nissan Primastar/Opel Vivaro sold in Europe and designed by Renault (the other two are simply rebadged; btw, in Europe they are in bed with GM too) is probably the best-looking delivery van ever. This one (which I assume has been designed by Nissan independently from Renault) is supposed to be under it, replacing the current Nissan Kubistar, which is a rebadged Renault Kangoo, and indeed competing with the Ford Transit Connect and the VW Caddy. But I concur with Vince in that in the pics it looks too large for that segment. We’ll have to wait and see.

  6. Ford needs to bring over the full size Transit to compete with the Sprinter.

    Forget this Nissan garbage, the Transit has been around forever and it is established and proven.

  7. Ah! I think I figured it out. This van is probably aiming for the Fiat Scudo/Citroen Jumpy/Peugeot Expert, which is larger than a Kangoo but smaller than a Trafic. Renault/Nissan doesn’t yet have a van in that segment (nor does any other manufacturer, really. Fiat and PSA invented it and were alone until now)

  8. el Monty seems to be in the know.
    Also sounds like this martket of vehicles has the worst case of rebadging ive ever heard of.
    The vans seem to have a major case of identity problems.

  9. One of the other press photos you don’t show has a man standing next to it. He is taller than the car, so it is smaller than the Ford.

  10. I’d much rather have the Transit Connect.

    It looks much better, I am sure it drives much better, and you can get a “civilian” version that is highly practical.

  11. this van gives me a stomach ache. it is so disjointed, unusual ( in a bad way) , non flowing and just plain ugly. It costs the same $$$$ Money $$$ to make a pretty car. WTF is Nissan Thinking. BTW, I think the president of Nissan Canada is a whack job.

  12. The company’s that need these can vans don’t care how they look — they care about how good they work.

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