Porsche Panamera interior.

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Just about as awkward as the exterior…

It starts at $89,800. The S model will be $4000 more.

Good luck…

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  1. that is one disproportionate, disjointed looking beast. are you sure that saab or skoda didn’t help. Obviuosly lacked the budget to hire Italian designers. Remember this…. it takes the same amount of money to draw an ugly car as it does a pretty one. an obvious dud, it will NOT sell. I Promise.

  2. I don’t mind the interior. Its very Audi for obvious reasons. I like the colour scheme. Its the exterior that looks like an aftermarket stretch 911 limo.

  3. The interior….I have nothing to say, it is no different form other car makers….I don’t know why I should spend that much to buy this one

  4. How much is the Aston Rapide again?

    I’d rather have an S-Class for that much. Or a BMW 7-Series. The comparison test drives will be stunning:

    -Porsche Panamoola
    -A8 regular wheelbase
    -Jag Super v8 Portfolio
    -Cadillac STSV (just to appease the Americans)

  5. I think it’s quite nice. Porsche interiors have never been beautiful but this is definitely the best yet. But I agree, the rear 3/4 view is just bad. No way around it.

  6. What the? Were they inspired by Land Rover? Porsche has lost it – as much as every European brand except Opel these days, it seems.

  7. Now that Jag has gone to the (Chinese) this will probably replace it as the eclectric favorite among the newly-wealthy. beautiful front seat/doors/dash. A bit too predictable in the back seat — but then isn’t every luxury 4-door?

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