Rolls Royce 200EX.

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This is pretty much the “small” Rolls that will be coming out soon.
Based on the new 7 series BMW but using a new V12 engine.
The “big” Phantom resales for $340 000. So this should be quite a bit cheaper. But still at least twice the price of a 7 series.

Is it worth it???

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  1. *yawn* I know their styling is like their “signature”, but I think they need to update it big time. It just seems so ancient to me.

  2. Maybe this being less outrageous than the big Phantom makes it less socially awkward and more appropriate for the times? Can a NEW $200,000 car ever be socially appropriate? Maybe it’s all relative…in many countries $20,000 dollars for a car is outrageous.

  3. “Equus looks better”

    I assume this is a joke, yes?

    It looks absolutely great to me. Just perfect. The Phantom is undoubtedly imposing but ridiculously big. This is a more resonably proportioned car, but still undoubtedly a Rolls. And regarding Craig’s comment, I don’t think this styling is ancient at all. Classic, maybe, but not outdated. BMW updated the Rolls look, which at that point WAS somewhat stale, with the Phantom, and this is a natural extension of the theme.

  4. “I don’t understand the point of this car.”

    February 20, 2009 6:54 AM

    It makes a statement that “I have too much money than all you other peasants!!”

  5. “Only a Rolls is a Rolls”

    … unless its a Bentley.

    But true enough. I like what BMW’s impact has been. Rolls needed some modernization. But, its not built for the rest of us. I just wish they’d keep the naming in the Rolls tradition, and not that pathetic euro-numbering.

    They need to do something with the back end so it doesnt look like a mere Jaguar.

  6. Sure it’s a Rolls but I think the Bentley Flying Spur / Continental GT is a lot more attractive and modern looking.

  7. I think this is much nicer than a Phantom. The Phantom looks like a big refrigerator box that sits on a truck frame. A seven foot tall person with Down Syndrome. This is much smarter looking and better proportioned. And, bonus… it’s cheaper.

  8. Looks like a Chrysler 300. See the “this car looks like that car” complaint works both ways. Cars have been around in some form over 100 years now, with the same basic parameters of 4 wheels, headlights, windscreen, doors etc. After 100 years most every car has design elements that can be traced backed to a previous car, so can we stop the constant whining.

  9. By the far the best looking Rolls Royce since the classic 1996-1999 updated Silver Spur models. The interior is a very pleasant update to the traditional Rolls Royce look, but the design of the center stack vaguely reminds me of the one found in the Hyundai Sonata before it’s update.

  10. Ha, Robocop.. classic.

    I think this is a beautiful car. Call it whatever you want, it is amazing.

  11. This looks so much better than the hideous and tacky Phantom, which looks like something out of a 1980s Richie Rich cartoon

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