Stingray Concept

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This will be seen in the new Transformers movie soon.
But I think, if they tone it down a bit, it could be quite a nice looking Corvette.
It needs a shot of personality right now. Something.

And I can’t believe I’d like to see a “toned down” version of anything…

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  1. This should be the next Corvette. No changes, just leave it like that. Just change the headlights to something workable and you got it. I find the current one somewhat boring to look at. This design harks back to the drama and muscle of the 70s Stingrays, my favourite Corvettes to look at.

  2. gm, the company that fired 50% of their staff… has money to built this? i dont think so. maybe in 5-7 years.

  3. Im trying to figure what the next one will look like by this prototype…Hopefully it wont look disjointed like the current one.

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