2010 Audi Q7

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Another useless update. More money waisted.

I posted pictures of the current model (light grey) so you can see the difference.
I just wonder why manufacturers, like BMW, Mercedes and others, keep making these tiny changes to their cars as mid-cycle revisions.
Nobody can tell. Except owners of the current versions. Nobody cares, really.
Shouldn’t they be spending money elsewhere?

I hope one good thing that comes out of the current “hard times” car makers are going through, is the death of these useless “mid-cycle facelifts”…

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  1. i think the one i saw has a better opening by the led strips. it was one piece instead of the two pieces shown.

    i think you meant the current model is in silver color.

  2. Vince said, "I hope one good thing that comes out of the current "hard times" car makers are going through, is the death of these useless "mid-cycle facelifts"…"

    well, "useless facelfts" SURE!
    (& my comment isn't specifically about the Q)
    But I rather hope we can get some attractive/innovative visual updates EVERY Year! …not necessarily on every model
    but I miss the days when it didn’t take an expert-fanboy to recognize This year’s model from Last year’s.

  3. Vince,

    The mid-cycle update are not useless. The tooling for some part reach the end of is life. If the supplier still use it, the part will lost his good finish. So, they have to start a new tooling, and by the way, “improve” and “refresh” it.

  4. Not quite sure why you care that these automakers are “wasting their money” on these updates.

    These mid-cycle refreshes tend to add other features/value to the car without any significant change in price, so it’s not as if these extra costs are being passed onto you/us as consumers.

  5. Waisting their money???

    Wasting, idiot.

    Please learn how to proof your work. Also, the reader that posted at 9:16am is absolutely right. If you don’t understand the point of a MMC why do you even bother???

  6. Um, Vince, you don’t get it do you? Japanese and chinese cars are crap and have terrible designs lately with pathetic attempts in trying to update their cars. LOOK at the US market, BMW, Merc, and Audi are not doing as poorly as Infiniti, Lexus, and Acura because they update their cars with new revised look, options,etc! So obviously, more than just current owners are aware! People are more conscious about cars and their look, options, and driveability.

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