2010 JAC Eagle

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This new Chinese SUV/Crossover thing should be coming out next year.
With yet another 2.0 Liter Turbo engine.
(Seems that almost every new car has or will have a 2.0 Liter Turbo…)

Doesn’t look that bad Another mix of 5 or 6 other designs…

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  1. It’s derivative styling, but not a straight up copy of any particular car. Doesn’t look too bad.

  2. It looks a mix of a saab SUV front headlights with the Q7 rear gate, hyundai recent SUV prototype exaust pipes. The profile windows shape reminds me the new hyundai i30wagon. The wheels are copied from the new fiesta. Total mess.

  3. The top frame around the front door is too small, its not wide enough. Most people will hit their head as they get in this. This must be designed for small people only.

  4. I don’t even feel like trying to name all the vehicles this trucklette resembles. It’s got a little bit of everything in it.

  5. Haha, way to jump on the early bashing bandwagon here. How do you guys find this a proportional mess? I find it the contrary and while the styling is derivative at best, it comes off looking unoffensive and clean – sort of like the Hyundai Genesis.

    Of course, this is a concept and from past cars, I don’t have high expectations for the production car. Design-wise, however, the Chinese are quickly progressing. Quality and reliability on the other hand…

  6. The front, Saab. The body looks like a Mitsubishi. The tail lights look like a BMW. Wheels… Tire Rack.

    Leave it to the Chinese to cobble together designs from a bunch of cars from 2001.

    Crash it against a wall at 35mph and it’ll fold like origami.

  7. i guess we will have no choice but to buy this one, cos Chrysler , GM, FORD will all go belly-up by then.. so this will be our only choice!

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