2010 Kia Sorento

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It looks fine. And is now car based.
But I really think this isn’t the best timing for that kind of car.

The current Sorento still looks nice, and has a great interior for the price.
Let’s hope this one stays cheap, while driving better and especially getting better gas mileage.

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  1. What a coool copy…?
    I was very expected a cool own design, but nothing. Its still a Lexus RX

    Shame on Kia!!!!!!!!!

  2. This “kind” of car is selling well…People are demanding small SUVs…People dont want dorky little worthless cars.

    This one is OK…Nothing ugly or childish/dorky about the design.
    Too bad it is not RWD.

  3. Anyone know what engines will get in US…?

    2.4L-I4…175-hp (Rondo)

    2.7L-V6…192-hp (Rondo)
    3.3L-V6…242-hp (’09 Sorrento)
    3.8L-V6…267-hp (Borrego)

    4.6L-V8…337-hp (Borrego)

    2.4L or 2.7L with 6-speed-auto may get 19/28 MPG and with right price you can’t go wrong.
    Why do you say “I really think this isn’t the best timing for that kind of car”
    I’ll say combo of spacious family affordable, good warranty and safety plus great styling is… a perfect timing.

  4. with the introduction of the borrego the current sorento seemed pushed out of place. Now the it’s based on the Santa feel it eliminates the overlap. Wthin the KIA brand at least… So I think it is rather appropriate.

  5. Last engine availability Kia is supposedly considering for the US was the 2.4 & 3.8, both with Hyundai's new 6-speed automatic. The 2.4/6-speed combo puts it head to head with the new base Toyota Highlander.

  6. I actually really like it. I didn’t like that the last one was truck based and got poor fuel mileage, hopefully this one will be better!

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