2010 Kia Sorento

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Just another pictures.
As expected, engines will be a standard 2.4 Liter and a “rather big for the current market condition” 3.8 Liter V6 as an option.
Korea will get the smaller 2.7 Liter V6 and a new 2.2 Liter Diesel with 200hp.

Let’s hope the 170hp from the 2.4 Liter is enough, because the 3.8 Liter will be pretty tough to swallow when gas prices go back up again.

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  1. the boring Borrego and now the sorry Sorento. aren’t these in the same segment. How many big suvs are needed in a bad economy?????

  2. The gap between 2.4L and 3.8L is rather big…

    How awesome if Kia would shock everyone with 2.2L-DIESEL for USA, i bet no one even think about it…

    I think they should also include 3.3LV6.

  3. “Anonymous said…

    I like Kia’s beaver tooth grill better than the Moorano’s insect face.”


    “Pionier said…

    Murano grill is so much more upscale and elegant.”

    If by upscale and elegant you mean it looks more like an insect, then sure.

    The current Murano has the ugliest front end I have ever seen, much worse than anything Acura could do.

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