2010 Lincoln MKZ price.

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The revised Fusion based MKZ will start at $35 000.
That is about $1500 more than last year’s model. And about $ 4500 less than the larger MKS.

Compare this with $37 000 for the Lexus ES, but $34 000 for the Infiniti G37.
I think this is another overpriced car.
In 2009, most people in that market will pick an Infiniti over a smallish Lincoln sedan. Lincoln’s name isn’t what it used to be.It hasn’t been for decades.
What are they thinking???
They need to do what Audi did when their name was in the toilet years ago. They came up with the great new Audi A4 that got plenty of great reviews, and they priced it LESS than the competition. Not the same, or even more…

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  1. I think you will get a better deal with the MkZ than from Lexus or Infiniti. Dealers will discount it alot. Give it a try.

    But you are correct Vince, Ford should have priced it under the competitions. at least psychologically, consumers will think it is a better deal.

  2. My local Ford, Lincoln Mercury dealer is advertising brand new 2009 MKS’s for $29,995.00. Wait a couple of months and this thing will be heavily discounted too…

  3. Interior design looks crappy in my eyes… I wouldn’t touch this car with a 10 foot pole…. What were the designers thinking !


  4. What is even more insulting is that the MKZ is still based on the previous generation Mazda6. So not only is it more expensive than last year’s model, it is also old-tech. No wonder the US auto industry is in shambles.

  5. I would pick the MKZ over the G37 because its to small.The price hike is probably so they can slot the C Concept below the Z if they build it.The MKZ is a better deal than the ES which is its main compettitor anyway.

  6. I’d be in the 2010 Taurus Limited with more room, more style, and $4K less before I’d drop this kinda cash on the MKZ.

    That being said I’d just get the Fusion Sport with the big engine outfitted with all you want for about $27k and you’ll have all this MKZ offers plus great handling in a cooler package.

  7. I agree with the Audi track. I think what Lincoln needs to do is get traction. EVEN if it means stealing Mercury sales. Go as low as Ford can go. Say make $1.00 profit on these cars. Sell a ton. Get people to want Lincoln again. Then come out with special editions with various ad ons for profits.

    Oh but wait, there’s more. HYBRID. Make it a hybrid and beat Lexus into the entry level luxury hybrid market.

    I really want to love Lincoln again so come on Ford and step up to the plate.

  8. Those number need to be about $5,000 less. They are trying to give the Milan some breathing room….but what’s the point?

  9. Come on Vince. You should know why it is priced higher. It is like department stores like MACY’s, where they have a red apple sale every week. The MKZ will be on sale all year long, so by giving cash back, they will pretend that they are giving customers a great deal. NOT!

  10. I like the exterior of this car. It’s quite larger than an Infiniti G series. But I do not like the interior. It looks like an updated Grand Marquis. In person, the “wood” strip on the edash looks like the stuff you’d find in a taxicab.

  11. That thing is just plain UGLY. Ford can do better than this.

    It seems they can’t or else they would.

  12. Maybe it’s just the picture itself but that car is not good looking at all. It looks like it’s from the 80’s. It seems to me that this new gull wing grill worked well on the Lincolns version of the Flex(sorry I can’t remember the name) and the new MKS. But it doesnt work well on this MKZ and it just looks AWEFUL on the proposed Lincoln Pickup that I saw in pics a couple of weeks ago.

    Lincoln, Get rid of that stupid Lincoln Pickup. Get rid of those stupid MK_ names. And work on the front of this MKZ alittle more and lower the price. Appearance wise it’s close but not there yet. It looks kinda goofy now.

  13. Liked the old dash better; but at least it’s not as cheap looking as the Camry-based Lexus es. Talk about an over-priced car; the Lexus es sells for 1/4 LESS everywhere outside of North America (albiet with a “Camry” nameplate on it) Toyota’s version of “Badge engineering”. Since the Fusion is safer, cleaner, better-looking and more efficent than the Altima or Camry; the MKZ can’t help but be a better value than the Lexus es (aka Camry Super) or Infinity G37 (Altima-based Datsun)

  14. Here’s a novel Idea:

    To distinglush the Fusion, Milan, and MKZ, offer less trim levels for EACH. Make the Fusion 4 cyl only give it less options, give the Milan the option of the 4 cly or mid V6 and give it some of the taken away options from the fusion, and give the MKZ just the power house V6 with even more standars option possibilities (like HID headlights). That way, the price of the Fusion can be lower and won’t intrude on the Milan.

    The Fusion sport is the reason no one will buy the Milan V6 OR the MKZ.

  15. It’s a really nice looking car, inside and out, and built on a very proven platform, but you’re absolutely right – it’s WAY over-priced. $35K+ for a (albeit nicely) worked-over Fusion is unreasonable.

  16. the MKS has a single CD/DVD player, satellite and terrestrial radio, storage for music on the navigation system's hard drive, the capability to play music from Bluetooth streaming sources, and a USB port that can accept an iPod or Zune cable.

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