2010 Mazda CX-9

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I guess this is just a new front end. So now, all the Mazdas have a similar look. At least up front.
Nothing that was needed really. Unless they are so afraid people don’t recognize their cars…

More meaningless changes….

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  1. Mazda should have made their vehicles look more similar to the Mazda6 than the Mazda3. I like the new 3, but I don’t think it works on the SUVs, especially the CX-9; it looks more like a cousin of the Flex/MKT. Maybe it’s the angle?

  2. It looks absolutely terrible.

    The new 3 is a clown car, the refreshed CX-7 looks terrible with this front end, and now the CX-9 looks equally as ridiculous.

    Mazda is ruining their vehicles with this new corporate front end. Acura’s new face is 100x better looking.

  3. That bottom big mouth grill is terrible. I don’t like it on the 3 and I don’t like it on this either.

  4. Isn’t this kinda early for a facelift? Apparently this time Mazda decided to facelift everything, except the 6, all at the same time? Isn’t the point to stagger facelifts and redesigns to get people into what ever next new product they have and to have them jump from one to the other when things change? Take Scion for example, all their product facelifts, debuts, and redesigns are staggered. First the xB and xA came out, then the tC came out, then the xA got refreshed, then tC got refreshed, then the xD and xB came out…etc.

  5. Remember when the Dodge/Plymouth Neon debuted in the 90s? Their advertising campaign showed the front of the car with the tagline “Hi” because the car’s frontal features sorta reminded you of a person. A perfect tagline for Mazda’a new cars: “Cheese!”

    I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but, you know…

  6. this is what you call, “forcing yourself into having a brand identity.”
    it worked on the tiny concepts Mazda came out with, but this is a joke. this and the cx-7 look much worse. they looked like CUVs before, now they look like mini-vans.

  7. “Anonymous said…
    How about working on the reliability instead?”


    My coworker has a CX-7 and in no way can it be called reliable. Nav system has failed three times, turbo seals went bad and was causing a huge plume of smoke when he even breathed on the gas, and the rear diff has been replaced once and rebuilt once.

    I’d stay away from all Mazda products aside from the Miata which seems to be bulletproof.

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