2010 Subaru Legacy

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More illustrations of what the next Legacy sedan and wagon might look like.
Unfortunately, these look really close to the real thing.

Subaru does need to stand out from the crowd. And this design isn’t going to do it.

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  1. I disagree. All they had to do was to come up with a more attractive front and derriere and, in my opinion, they have achieved it. Nice improvement.

  2. Gaaah. I have an 07 Legacy Wagon – the last one before they canned and changed the design.

    a current trend in japan is to have the “face” of the car emulate an attractive, happy (asian) face, also carrying a corporate image ‘cue’ like the propeller wings next to the subaru logo. fuji heavy industries used to make airplanes, no? that was what the b9 tribeca and impreza grille was all about.

    I don’t exactly know what to think about this. The previous (current?) legacy was so much more original, although the fit and finish still needs a little improvement to even beat Toyota. But they’re working on it. I used to have an Audi A4, so I’m probably biased.

  3. I actually quite like this. My only disagreement is the chrome around the taillights looks abit weird…much nicer than the concept!

  4. I kind of like the propller 3 port intake inspired ’05 B9 Tribeca grill. Kind of an Alfa Romeo look which stood out from the generic 5 point cookie cutter grill. Much better then the New Mazda “Smile” or Acura “Shield”.

  5. This design is completely acceptable. The car needs to get larger and cheaper to compete in the segment. FWD should be an option to get the cost down – most people don’t need AWD.

  6. I like this too. Unfortunately this is probably the jdm version and we’ll get a slightly watered down version here in the states. Hopefully they’ll make a sportwagon version here and not JUST have the outback. These vehicles are supposed to be bigger which appeals to me. I just wish Subaru would come out with direct injection and 6 speed autos but I guess that’s wishing for too much. Had they done that I believe they could have jumped ahead of the competion. But their leadership sucks so…..well you know how the rest goes, blah, blah,blah….

  7. The front is ok, but not that distinctive and the rear view looks like the last generation Infinity G35 and I30. Not bad but dated.

  8. Won’t the 2010’s start coming out soon (this summer)? Just wondering why we’re only seeing illustrations at this point and not real spyshots (even if camo’d) by now ?

  9. Looks like they finally decided what grille to use….unless they change their mind again and go with the “Big shirt eating grille” style now popular. Methinks they will do that in 7 years when it is out of style.

  10. It’s nice and better than current Subarus by far but the grill treatment has that odd Chevy Malibu look. I can’t warm up to that.

  11. Something just doesn’t look right about this car. The design from front to back, side to side doesn’t flow.

    It looks clumsy.

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