2010 Subaru Outback ?

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Let’s just hope the real thing looks a bit better.
Although Im not holding my breath….

Subaru really needs to do something more drastic with the Outback/Legacy line.
people who want something conservative and mainstream already have tons of choices.
Just like Saab, they need to be designing cars for people who want a little bit more originality in their garage…

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  1. HID-E-OUS They finally start putting some normal looking front ends on their vehicles and now resort back to the uglies. They’ve just thrown this former cornerstone of a model aside. The only good thing about driving one is that you wouldn’t have to look at it LOL

  2. Subaru’s have ALWAYS been goofy awkward clumsy contraptions. They appeal to goofy awkward clumsy people (the short ones, anyway). And since they’re the only ones that do; they’ve done quite well in this niche without any rivals. So a design that might be a loser for Dodge or Ford may be a financial winner for Subaru. Because not everyone feels self-confident enough to let themselves be seen in a good-looking Jag, you know.

  3. Subaru is known for design blunders. They took a good selling STI and took everything from it that made it sell. Changed a legendary exhaust note and turned it into a station wagon body. Anyone who posted negatively on their BBS was barred from further posts.
    Still they have a quirky car with a bohemian/quirky following.

  4. Good to see people against Subaru. I’ve had two and never again. They are crap in quality, and longevity.

  5. Toyota will play a big part in the future of Subaru here in North America. The partnership between both companies should hopefully keep Subaru from falling off the face of the earth. Expect new non-boxer toyota engines showing up in future Subies, as well as front wheel drive only models to sell in southern states.

  6. I personally think that Subaru is killing themselves with their advertising.

    They are turning the brand into a niche brand, something that only environmentalists want (excluding WRX and STI). Even in their commercials they say that their vehicles are used to display the owners passions (PETA, Greenpeace, ETC.). With this their vehicles are very popular in the North East and somewhat in the far north Pacific Northwest. They are almost nonexistant in Southern states…

    Driving a Subaru will give you major positive cred with the crunchy granola bunch.

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