2010 Toyota 4 Runner

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remember, back years ago, when the 4 runner was popular. Even cool.

No more.

It was too late to cancel the next one, so Toyota decided to go ahead. But sales numbers have been revised to low. Very low.
That means that,when it comes out next year, it’ll be a while before you actually see one in the streets…

From this illustration at least, it looks like they are going for a “baby Sequoia” look. Not really what the market is into right now.

And the cool looking FJ cruiser, based on the current 4 runner platform, will not be redesigned when it is laid to rest next year.


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  1. I always had a thing for 4runners, no matter what model year. Wish they’d make a sweet 4-cyl, 2-door with a lift-off top like in the ’80s…

    Best second-hand SUV money can buy.

  2. I could SWEAR I saw this vehicle on the road already. It was heading toward our local Toyota dealership.

    It struck me odd because it had a Tundra front-end but an enclosed back-end, so I knew it wasn’t a truck with a camper top.

    I tried following it in traffic but got stuck at the light.

    Oh well, I guess the world will never know…

  3. That’s really sad. The FJ Cruiser had a longer life as a concept when it SHOULD have been pushed as the Scion of SUVs.

  4. I definitely hate Toyota now, I really liked the old Highlander and current 4Runner. Now it’s all the same. Each SUV they had were different from one another except the Sequoia/Tundra.

  5. Jeremy, what is with the stupid hair?

    Anyway, it is stupid that they will kill the FJ as I like it out of all the SUVS.

  6. Why?

    Why would they even bother? I test drove the current 4Runner when I was car shopping just for fun. It is archaic and completely dated.

  7. I bought one in 1998, it looked just like this. I have since switched brands,…..reliability issues, don’t ask. I drive a Pathfinder now. Love it!

  8. I dont think this is going to be the new 4runner. This looks like it may be the fortuner or that they sell in other markets. It looks too small to be the 4runner and too ugly. I dont think toyota would actually ruin the 4runner like this. I really think this is just the new fortuner. The current one is at this link

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