All new 2010 BMW 5 series

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This is the production version of the hatchback (GT) version of the next 5 series.
I don’t now why, but at least on these pictures, it looks a bit better than the concept from last month.

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  1. Who would have thought that The 6000SUX from the movie Robocop from 1987 would be the inspiration for alot of the new vehicle designs today. ie the BMW X6 and the Acura concept.
    I guess the movie was based in the future.
    All we need now is a real robocop.

  2. I REALLY like the front exterior look. It’s hard to tell about the dash and interior though. the rear tail lights look a bit like an older Chevy from the 80’s.

  3. You’re getting fooled by the angle at which the car is taken and by its color. It’s still the same awkward looking Bimmer.

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