All new VW Polo

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From a magazine scan, but this is the real thing.
Not bad. Nothing original, but it looks nice. And the interior seems of pretty high quality.

We’ll see much more really soon.

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  1. it looks like the daughter of the new VW Golf and the current Seat Ibiza… Nothing original, it’s a VW

  2. What makes it looks nice, Vince? because it wears a VW badge? it looks like a golf or a polo of past.
    if it worn a toyota or a honda badge, you all be saying ‘boring,’ ‘yawn’ etc.

  3. I disliked the last Polo, but I really like this from the pictures. I can’t explain it really why.
    There are a number of cars in this segment, but most are bland looking imo or have lines which somehow put me off wanting to own one. Not so with this car.
    I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing that this looks so much like the mk6 Golf, both are beautiful cars and I am sure there is a market for both vehicles.

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