Another 4 door Smart coming up…

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This illustration shows what a new 4 door version of the Smart could look like when it comes out in 2010.
They have done it before, but the “For Four” was a flop. It looked like a completely different car.
I guess they figure people might like this version better.
If they have to expend, I guess a 4 door is the most logical way….

This is what the original “4 door Smart” looked like.
It was only produced for 2 years, from 2004 to 2006.

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  1. This car is a flat out cheaply built POS. Garbage Playskool interior plastics, buzzy crappy motor, and the lamest tranny in the world. My GF in Germany had to have one of these and 2 years later she hated it. I never said “I told you so” but I sure as hell thought about it.

  2. I wonder would this be another flop too……The original 4 door smart or new 4 door won’t sell because if u want something practical, the first thought is something bigger than a smart…the smart is a niche model, and I think add 2 more doors won’t be able to add sales, just like the Mini clubman….too expensive and unpractical

  3. I can understand why the Forfour didn’t work. The Fortwo offers something unique: a very small car that is easy to park and manoeuver in the narrow European streets; but the Forfour, despite being quite good-looking IMHO, was after all the same size as many other European compact cars, but a lot more expensive. From the illustration, it seems that Smart might be learning from this, and thinking about a new four-door that is smaller, to compete with the Tata Nano Europa just presented in Geneva.
    BTW, I also thought the coupe/roadster was cool, and it was very disappointing to see that car axed too.

  4. Well the reason is looked like a toy is that you can actually walk into the dealer and have the panels change to a different color. The price is right if the dealers don’t mark it up.

    So, I guess the four door would make the car longer? is the engine still back there?

    The Mini is now longer too 🙁

  5. They actually had a nice lineup of cars in europe, i see an ocassional mexican convertible roadster smart here in so cal and its smalllll . bad the interior is so cheap it looks you can break stuff with a childs hand, and that nasty transmission, and why is it that every single smart i see the rear wheels tilt in so badly ( toe in ) off camber that it seems like its gonna be a real tire issue with these cars. If smart was smart and had a real lineup better trannys and killer mpg’s they would sell alot more than they currently do .

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