Another Chinese copy.

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This one is called Landwind X8.
I call it “Mitsubishi Outlander rip off”. But that’s just me…

I mean, even the interior is a copy.

I guess this won’t be leaving China any time soon…

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  1. These chinese SUV’s always have an awkward look to them as though they are out of proportion, even only slightly. They just don’t look right.

  2. Oh yes – there’s going to be a huge market for these babies… I mean, who the heck copies a MITSUBISHI? Have these guys been living under a rock somewhere? What’s next, the Chinese Yugo imitation?

  3. “”I guess this won’t be leaving China any time soon… “”
    As far as I’m concerned, absolutely no chinese product should be allowed to leave China.

  4. Oh Ya, these pigs have no values, no morals and would kill you at the drop of a hat. We should boycott these cars from ever coming here. Remember that shit they put in babies milk, and the lead paint on kids toys. That whole country has “ZERO” standards, it’s a free for all. You pay off the right guy, you can get anything done. Avoid Chinese products at all costs. It’s not the general chinese public, they are gold. It’s the upper crust, money holders and rule makers that are crooks!

  5. vince, how the hell do they get away with this? i know they’re commies, but why doesnt international law work?

  6. I like the front of this better than a mistu and ya it reminds me more of a subie front end than a mitsu. the dash is pure mitsu….

  7. Mitsubishi F**ked Up in the U.S. doesn’t mean they cannot sell in other markets. Mitsubishi cars in Asia are much better styling and high quality compared to the U.S. built models. You have to admit that a lot of American don’t even know what is a car. And that’s why when GM. Ford are selling craps…people are buying them in the U.S.

  8. Anonymous said…
    I mean, who the heck copies a MITSUBISHI?

    March 13, 2009 5:20 AM

    Maybe if that Mitzi was a 3000GT VR-4….

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