Chinese GS1 SUV

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No shame here.
I guess it would be a tough sale in Korea and Germany, but it probably never be sold outside of China.
The info also mentions a $16 000 price. I guess when converted into US dollars.

Let’s assume this monster can pass all the US safety standards, do you think people over here would buy it, at $16 000?

First, let’s compare this to the real Kia Sorento.
It starts at $22 165.
But guess what, with “sale prices” and “rebates”, CarsDirect has the base model at $16 559!
So the Chinese copy is actually almost the same price. Unless they could already get rebates…

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  1. The answer to a question no-one ever asked: What does the ill-begotten lovechild of a Kia Sorrento and Audi Q7 look like?

  2. Holy crap.

    Audi front end and the rest is a Kia Sorento. I really like the Kia but this is just junk…

  3. There is a differance between copying and cloning. This is cloning. The Forte’s greenhouse isn’t a clone of the Civic.

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