Chinese Jac B926 sedan

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What an attractive name…

But the car itself looks pretty decent.
Better than the Corolla we get over here.

Looks like Chinese cars are coming over here soon no matter what.
Either as Saturns, but I also hear maybe through Costco. Just like Visio TVs.

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  1. There designs are evolving very rapidly from frumpy to sexy ! and you mean this is alot better looks wise ( realiable-crashyworthy who knows ) than the Focus-Cobalt-Aveo-Caliber-Versa-Sentra us americans have to put up with here in the states geeeze !

  2. They don’t even think the car is any good or else why would they put the car on the roof? They want the car to jump off the building!!!

  3. The red white and blue American s need to feed their people before thye can maker cars.

    Hooray! Douchebag’s back!

  4. watch out, the “douchbag jones” is back to bashing around Chinese again now…
    ok.. so lets see where are you going to get parts for your GM or Ford or Chrysler when they out of business… and after a few years, you will see these CHINESE made cars are flooding your city! lets see what else do you have to say by then??

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