Dead or Alive?

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I’m just wondering.
Last year I had heard from more than one source about the “upcoming” convertible version of the Altima coupe.
But nothing since.

The coupe doesn’t seem to be such a big hit. But sometimes, a convertible version actually sell more than a regular coupe.
Just like the Solara.

Who knows….

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  1. Vince, I heard that this project was now on hold until Nissan sees how well the upcoming Cube sells here in the states.

  2. Oh hell does anyone know when the G37 vert is coming out ? Perhaps nissan is waiting till after that starts to see if they can price the altima vert right and see if there is a market for it .

  3. The Altima coupe has been somewhat of a dud.

    The automotive press hasn’t been too kind or fond of the vehicle and I remember reading that the Accord coupe outsold it 5:1.

  4. Ha Ha Ha. Cute, but sorta funny looking. I don’t think it would do any better than the ill-fated Toyota Solara Convertabe–remember those?

  5. It would be a cheaper substitute for the 370Z….but would anyone mind paying just a few thousand more for the Z?

  6. This is the blandest car available today. A car for admin assistants. Could there be any more space in the wheel wells? You could stick a grapefruit on top of the front tire.

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