Detroit electric to sell Proton cars in the US.

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This small US company closed back in 1939. But has been revived last year by the Chinese Youngman Automotive Group.
So I guess that means that it’s a Chinese company.
Pretty much like RCA TVs that are made by TCL, a Chinese company…

Detroit Electric will be using models from Proton and turn them into electric cars.
The small hatchback will be based on the Proton Gen2 and will start at $23 000.
While the sedan, based on the Persona, will start at $28 000.

That’s not really cheap. $28 000 for a small Malaysian electric car….
And both designs are already 2 years old. And they’re not that amazing looking.

We’ll see…

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  1. Actually, I really really like the design of the Gen2 and the new Satria. Sadly they pulled out of Germany years ago when no new models were in sight. Hopefully, they come back.

  2. Proton left the German market years before they had any attractive model. But media over here says that “Detroit Electric” is a dutch company, who developed the electronic power train on their own.

    As for the cars: Proton is in a league with Suzuki, size-wise, except they don´t have any SUVs and Pick-Ups. It will be hard to sell these cars with the mentioned price tag – and the comparatively small models.

    I wonder how the Savvy will look like as an electric model. That´s quite a quirky, yet beautiful little car.

  3. I am just curious whether Chinese cars are selling anywhere around the globe?

    Vince has posted soooo many Chinese models recently and most if not all of them are ripped off models from other manufacturers.

    I guess it is okay since the Chinese are buying all the debts from everyone else lately.

    Chairman Mao is laughing in his grave and realized his dream of a communist/socialist world has finally come to fruition. The Russians must be sooo pissed.

  4. 2 third world v country get together to try to sell us car are you kiding me this will be the n end of the world

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