Ford Focus X Road

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For Europe only.
As you can see, this “Outback” type little wagon is based on the Euro Focus, not the one sold here.
And it’s mostly a visual trick, not a real off road wagon.

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  1. Here is another reason why Ford needs to divest itself of Volvo. Its designers can’t help but steal design cues from Volvo. Ford used to steal design ideas from Jaguar too, and even mixes up Mercury and Ford brand DNA.

  2. How is it mostly a visual trick if it has AWD and a raised ride height for more ground clearance???

  3. that would sell too well here, why would Ford bother? It’s honestly like someone is paying off Ford decision makers to ensure that Ford fails. Hmmmmm.

  4. We don’t even get a V50 version of this, only the more expensive XC60 shoved down our throats.

    It’s intersting that they come out with this just a year or two before the all new one….maybe this will be a carry over model.

  5. Good that is will not make it across the pond.

    The old Audi Allroad didn’t do well here and so did the Subaru jacked-up sedan (can’t remember its name).

    It is like a macho man wearing capri pants. Not a good look.

  6. Why did they bother.
    It should have a bumper sticker attached that says “When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Audi”

  7. They are bringing back the Audi Allroad in the form of the A4 Avant. As far as the Outback Sedan. It was the Sport without the utility, which usually doesn’t fly when it comes to Subaru.

  8. imho it looks GREAT!
    maybe the nextgen (which IS coming here) will have stronger softroad performance

    I believe/hope Fomoco will offer many more variants of their new global vehicles in the U.S.

  9. Looks great what are they thinking. People who use to buy huge SUV and pick up trucks are going to shopping other products. This seems to fit with style, value, economy and function!

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