Ford Iosis Max Concept

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I know hear this could give us a very good idea of what the next Focus will look like.
Without the crazy doors, of course.
But apparently, many of these design elements will be used on the Focus.
And it will be the same model for Europe and the US.

I guess it would work. This looks like a big Fiesta anyway…

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  1. Looks like a Honda Fit, but only better. Me likey.

    Ford is showing it can design some pretty good products. If they would just ship them over to the U.S. on a regular basis…

  2. Hmmm… this looks really good. It proves that a car design can be original and still be attractive. This would make a great next gen Focus. Build it.

  3. I hope some of the styling elements could infuence the next Edge, Explorer, and Escape. Conservative is nice but boring. Ford stands the best chance among the 3 domestic’s to regain market share.

  4. One thing I like about this is that the C pillar is moved forward and the hatch glass wraps around. On so many cars (Fiesta Included) you have the rising beltline and sloping roof meet and create a huge blindspot. This wrap around glass solves this problem.

    Reminds me of the old Mazda MX-3 in that respect.

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