Honda’s Miata fighter?

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This rumor has been going on for years. Honda would be working on a small 2 seater convertible to compete with the popular Miata.
But now, I hear about a hybrid powertrain similar to the one used in the new 2010 Honda Insight.

I think this would be great.
What a novelty: a fun to drive hybrid car!

I’ve driven the current Prius and I just can’t help comparing the experience to what it would be to drive a washing machine.
A good looking convertible that just “happens”to be a hybrid would sure be pretty popular. And a trendsetter.

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  1. Was the original 2 seat Insight supposed to be " A fun to drive Hybrid? ". Honda should offer this concept as a 2dr Insight convertible hardtop to compliment the 4dr. Drop in a 160 hp & torque Hybrid motor for under 20k with over 40+ mpg and Honda's got a winner.

  2. Take the Accord hybrid engine, but tweek it for 40+mpg put it mid-ship with RWD. Keep the weight under 3k, call it the ” Beat CR-X Del sol N-SX 2000 Prelude ” and price it under 25k.

  3. I thought Honda was ditching fun cars in favor of four-wheel appliances, ala Toyota, due to the bad economy?

  4. Shouldn’t you have said Solstice/Sky fighter? Anyways Why don’t they just redesign the S2000 and give it a hybrid engine? This looks pretty good, what the Accord two door should have looked like in the front.

  5. ” Anonymous said…

    Looks like a Lotus Elan to me. Nice original thought, Honda.”

    What, because it is a 2 seater convertible? What a stupid comment.

    I don’t think it looks like an Elan at all. The Elan is a boring cheese wedge. Why don’t you look it up for yourself…

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