Infiniti FX35 Test drive coming up

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Some of you guessed it right.
I am driving a new FX35 this week, and will answer any questions you might have about it.

So far it is great.
More later….

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  1. Vince you know you cannot go wrong with Infiniti. Above average looks, reliability, and safety and handling make them a winning combination. I look forward to your review, but, I a most interested in the quality of the ride. I have read reviews with conflicting results. Also, what size wheels had yours? The 20s must make the ride stiffer. No?

  2. Vince, it may drive great and all, but it seems like Infiniti screwed the pooch on this model and I’d love your opinion as to why that is.

    Specifically what I mean is that the original (and quite beautiful) FX littered the streets within months of its release. It was everywhere. I rarely ever see the new FX anywhere. I think I have seen 2. I don’t know if it’s styling or value or what, but they don’t sell in my parts, and I live in an affluent area where the recession has not had a significant impact.

    It’s not the head-turner that the predecessor was, but what about this vehicle keeps it on the dealer lots in your opinion?

  3. I loved the previous model as well.
    And you’re right, they were everywhere very quickly.
    And this one doesn’t seem to sell.

    But to be honest, I haven’t seen many of the new models of any kind in the streets lately…

    I really didn’t like the look of the new one when I first saw it, but after living with one for a few days, I changed my mind.
    It reminds me of a modern art sculpture. Striking but not for everyone. And I do like it.
    I will check the wheels. The ride is firm but not stiff so far.
    What sucks is the city gas mileage. Between 14 and 15MPG.

  4. I agree with the 2nd post. It’s been almost a year since this model was introduced and I haven’t seen a single one on the roads. The front end design is ridiculous and just reminds me of a teenage girl wearing too much eye makeup. The exterior design of the first gen FX was so perfect. This one they botched.

  5. I agree with the above two comments as well. I live in Loudon county which is the most wealthy county in the US and I haven’t seen more than 4 new FXs.

  6. The grill reminds me of the chromed parts of the old Revell models I used to glue together as a child complete with the injection-molded flashing leftovers. I just want to pluck out those chromey parts and glue them somewhere.

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