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This is another new Chinese car. And another decent looking one.
It doesn’t seem to be a straight copy of nothing, even if it doesn’t look original either.
It comes with a 1.8 Liter engine from Mitsubishi. So it’s pretty small.

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  1. Sorry Vince, to each his own, but in what universe can this thing be considered even remotely good looking? Ugly, utterly forgettable, and hopefully not a sign of where automotive design is headed now that the Chinese are in the game.

  2. Wow.

    Chinese vehicle with Mitsubishi powertrain = FAIL.

    Mitsubishi makes crap, aside from the ubiquitous 4G63. Chinese vehicles are crap in general.

    This has fail written all over it.

  3. What’s interesting is that in China, there are obvious rebadged or facelifted Hyundais there under the JAC brand. I wonder if this manufacture who probably did licensed manufacturing of Hyundais is venturing off on their own now!?

  4. JAC are venturing off on their own. They have a very nice looking sedan as well that I think was covered here some time ago. Seems to be a knee jerk response from many here to bag some of these cars for no other reason than they are Chinese. No matter, the same thin happened to the Koreans and the Japanese before them. They didn’t listen.

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