Jaguar and Buick on top!

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They both passed Lexus in the new 2009 Vehicle Dependability Study from J.D Powers.

On other notes, it’s pretty amazing to see the difference between Infiniti and Nissan.
And between Toyota and Scion.
at least Honda and Acura are both close to the top….

And of course, some things never seem to change. Like the bottom of the list where brands like VW and Saab seem to have chosen this spot as their permanent residence…

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  1. That’s a little surprising, since there was a news item recently about how the Jaguar XF is plagued with electronic problems.

  2. I think JD Powers scores are absolute BS. I’ve owned 4 Nissans, 1 scion, and currently a VW and have never been asked any questions about any of the cars. Oh… Jags suck!

  3. VW and Saab are trash. That is no surprise.

    Nissan is as well, and I am tired of people defending them like they are the best manufacturer out there. I have owned two and both were sub par overall and the reliability just wasn’t there.

  4. Infiniti, Murano, 370Z, GT-R from Japan, the latter3 from the “Nissan Premium Factory” lineup.

    Other lesser Nissans are made in the USA/Mexico.

    What can be expected since the Japanese factories have been in operation since the 1960s… they’ve got decades of experience and equipment.

  5. Vince, Any idea how much these makers tend to move from year to year as a result of bringing out new product? Seems like some bring out lots of new models, while others just keep producing the same stuff. I guess I would expect there to be more reported problems with more new models.

  6. JDP has always sucked. There is so much wrong with this list, clearly they are paid off by the top brands.

  7. Kinda odd seeing all Scions are produced in japan, then how can scions be so bad compared to american made toyotas ???

  8. I agree with the survey. I had a VW that always had issues that VW said were “normal” or could never duplicate the problem. It was also expensive to own between premium gas and synthetic oil. I now own a Mercury which has thus far with no problems and low maintainace. Mercury is no. 5 and VW is next to the bottom, where they belong.

  9. Why are VW’s considered so unreliable in the U.S. while they are just the opposite in Europe? These surveys are crap.

  10. don’t let ranking position fool you, look at the number.

    the “best” brands like buick jaguar lexus has about 1.2 something problem per vehicle, that’s almost nothing, everybody at some point experience some problem with their car, mostly minor, rarely big.

    the average is 1.7 problem per car, that’s 0.5 problem per car more than the best brands, most of you probably won’t notice the 0.5 problem when it occur.

    the “worst” brand like vw has 2.6, problem per car, that’s still a very minimal number, personally if I like the VW i’m driving, I have no problem living with the extra 1.4 problem i will probably experience compare to other ppl with their jaguar and lexus.

  11. I guess the rating is all based on consumers’ experience. What I meant is that if the Buick or Jag does not fall apart then it is a ‘thumb-up,’ while Honda/Toyota gets a little rattle then it is rated as not ‘dependable.’ It is called expectation.

    I owned Scion xB and xA before and both gave me no problem whatsoever.

    My friend’s Buick SUV (can’t remember the name now) gave out while his wife and two kids drove on the freeway. She got so scare that she wanted him to sell it. After 6 months of ownership, the car depreciated so much that they would be upside-down on their loan so they couldn’t financially trade it in. She now drives his old Ford while he is in the ‘new’ Buick.

  12. People call these surveys crap but they basicly stay the same year after year. There are changes of course, sometimes big, but the same type of list from CR kinda matchs JD so there is some validity to it.
    If they are paid off why is Land Rover and VW at or near the bottom all the time? Scion with Toyota backing them up doesn’t have enough money to buy off the top spot?

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