Japanese Accord face

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Same car as our Acura TSX. (except the wagon version pictured here).
But with a new face. Something less…. Weird and disturbing…

Is this better???

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  1. Absolutely better. ABSOLUTELY!

    I would consider the TSX with this grill. I loathe the current Acura grill so badly it is simply not on my list. The new TSX may be a decent driving car and a good value, but if I cringe evey time the garage opens then it doesn’t matter. Acura needs to offer this grill as a no-charge option.

  2. The glare makes it hard for me to make out the details of the grille insert. But anything devoid of “the shield” has to be an improvement…

  3. It looks a lot less goofy and childish than usual and a bit mean…The Japanese are getting meaner…Watch out Pearl Harbor.

  4. We’ve had this car and wagon here in New Zealand for about 6 months. The wagon is, along with the Citroen C5 wagon, the best looker on the market.

  5. I wish more people would import parts like this to the states, does anyone know where i can get one (grille) and how much it would cost ?

  6. I would consider the TSX with this grille. On the other hand, the current TSX grille is a “deal breaker” for me. (Acura, my current lease is up in 8 months…please get moving1)

  7. Really like it. I’d also consider the TSX w/ this grill. But with that hideous thing it has now…

  8. smaller and pricier than american accord, yet the dummy sheep ( Dr.’s included) line up here to pay a premium for it ’cause they stuck acura on it! shameful at best!

  9. Much better. But, do they have any common sense to stop dicking around with the grilles every year? What is wrong with Honda? I think they should fire their design team. I want AUDI shapes in HONDA manufactured bodies. Hello! Anybody listening?

  10. That’s not a new grill. Europe always had this grill on their Accord (TSX here).

    The ‘new’ comes from the new Honda Accord Type S diesel engine presented in Geneva.

    I think either grill is better than the TL and as it seems also the upcoming Acura Crossover.

  11. there is a reason for the smaller accord to be priced higher than the american accord. the european/jdm (smaller) accord, the car is designed and marketed to compete against cars like the audi a4 is250 etc. the us (larger) accord is made to compete against the camry and other average american cars the rest of the world dont get. here in new zealand we get both the small euro and the large us model and there are much more accord euros around.

  12. in my humble opinion, hondas are noisy and ride rougher than all their japanese competitors…..toy, niss, maz..

  13. This grille is SO much nicer than the “blade” on the current TSX and TL. Put this on the 2010 TL and TSX and watch sales rise.

  14. This is better than the TSX grill, which is much better than the TL grill. At least this is just anonymous or inconspicuous. The Acura grills look like crap on anything smaller than an MDX.

    By the way, Honda should bring an Accord Wagon.

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