Kia Forte Coupe

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Coming up really soon.
The sedan is already a really good small car, and the coupe will give Kia yet another weapon against the Honda Civic.
And the design looks pretty much unchanged from the Koup Concept ( In red).

Good for them.

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  1. Stylish! Less is More!

    Looks like Hyundai/Kia has designers who are not psychotic brats and that are all grown up.

  2. I truly hope they dont get greedy and overprice this, i want one ! my current KIA has been bulletproof and no problems at all, i hope they price it at 12k to 17k but if they start at 17k to 21k it aint gonna sell as much.

  3. Kinda has a mini Dodge Challenger/Charger look to it. This is the car that Chrysler should have built.

  4. the nissan above makes this dud useless. when nissan is in the same category at a similar price forget it!

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