Kia Forte Hybrid

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Supposedly getting 41 MPG.
Which could be about 10MPG better on average than the regular model.

It might be worth it if not too expensive…

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  1. Wow…they’ve created something that looks like a Civic in standard form and a Volt in hybrid form…it’s funny….but I’m sure it’ll be a great car!

  2. You forget to mention that it is fueled by LPG, something that I don’t think is widely used in the US. Too hooked on petrol, there are other fuels available to feed fat people in SUVs! Other than that, this Kia looks to be a v good car! And there’s a Hyundai Elantra version that’s debuting soon as well!

  3. Not confirmed for the US market so who knows if we’d see it here.

    This one is the LPG (nat.gas) hybrid model for the Korean market. So unlikely they will export that one.

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