More Acura concept pictures.

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Still not a car. And not an SUV.

But I do like hatchbacks. So why not…

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  1. From these pictures, it looks like it has been designed for better aerodynamics for a purpose, just like the Toyota Prius Hybrid, to increase mileage and reduce drag. Perhaps they will also offer a hybrid version as well.

  2. This could very well be a surprise Hybrid. Call it the Integra Hatchback….people will love the car because of the name.

  3. this thing is looking incredible so far. I wonder how big the wheels are going to be.

    acuras are some of the most reliable luxury vehicles on the market along with lexus.

  4. Interested, yes. But I’m still just confused that Acura keeps making more expensive vehicles in overlapping segments. INTEGRA, Where art thou?!!

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